Yeah, I really have to get into the habit of posting daily. Having not ever blogged before, it's something to get used to. I need to commit to this or just forget about it. My husband bought me a journal after we experienced some family issues last spring. It was a part of my therapy to journal. I haven't written a single thing in it. Maybe I should and that will help with my blogging everyday. I don't know. It just seems so trivial sometimes. Like, how I can't stomach Facebook anymore. Unless a page is for a cause or business, I have no interest. I'm so sick of people posting the most mundane, idiotic things. NEWSFLASH: I don't give a shit if you have a headache today! Great job on preparing a healthy meal for your family, YOU SHOULD THAT'S YOUR JOB! Oh I feel so sorry for you that you are just not in the mood to deal with any of your responsibilities today. And quit posting your ultrasound pictures! It's lame. Well, that's what I think today. But tomorrow or the next day this could all change. 

My rant is truly how I feel but it's probably made worse by the fact that I just had a major freakout, AKA adult temper tantrum. I have those every now and again but lately they've gotten worse. Maybe I should think about taking an herbal mood enhancer. I wish I could start yoga back up again but it is just too damn expensive. I guess I could get my mat out and do some moves in my living room, I'd just have to but the dog in his crate and sometimes I just hate doing that in the mornings.

It just drives my nuts how I run out of time to do all the things that I want-walk the dog, clean, crochet, research, read, cook, etc.

Yeah. So I really am learning as I go here. I hope this site turns into something but as I look down at the clock and see it's after 6pm and the dog is barking downstairs to be let out I know I have to call it quits for today. I have to 1. study for my GRE next week and 2. prepare for a Pampered Chef party I'm hosting in two days! Oh yeah and tomorrow is Halloween. I don't know if I'll be handing out any candy-sorry kids. There are just not enough hours in the day!!


    October 2012