Now, I am by no means a "techy". I've learned about Twitter and Facebook mostly through trial and error, as I suspect is how most people learn. In the past year or so I have gotten away from Facebook and have been more apt to use Twitter. About 99% of my Facebook friends are not on Twitter so maybe that's why I've leaned more towards it. However, one thing that I like about FB is the better control (and freedom) they offer on sharing. With Twitter, I have found that it's more all or nothing. Unless, I'm missing something, which is very possible, if you want to make your Twitter account private, yes, you can control who follows you, but you can forget about anyone, even your followers, retweeting your tweets. This might not bother some, but sometimes I write something so clever to @anycelebrityIfollow, that I would love if they would retweet it. It's kind of sad, but I feel like it's my way of getting recognized in the world - forget about making my mark through charity work or positive influence, it's when your tweet is retweeted when you know you've made it! So, if you want to make that HUGE commitment and change your Twitter account to private, here's how:
1. Log into Twitter
2. Click on the Tools drop down menu in the upper right hand corner
3. Click on "Settings"
4. In the "Account" section (should already be opened), scroll down to "Tweet privacy" and check the box marked "Protect my Tweets"
Twitter tells you all about the changes you'll see on this page

I have recently decided to make my Twitter account public for two main reasons: I'm a grown woman and I'll say what I want and I would like to somehow, someday make a name for myself and since social media is the way of the world, I figured I could start with my lil ole Twitter account.